The Universe

Our life is as such…. 

Life is a struggle and it is a real fight for living. Life has been made to be unlimited and renewable challenges. Every time we are faced with a new challenge we do fight to win against it and that fight will also give us means and powers stronger than those we already owe. Those new powers enable us to be ready for any future challenges of different magnitude and different nature.

Life was created for us to be a test for our resolve and ability to exist and continue despite of the challenges, both those we know and those we don’t  know nothing about.

Let us learn how to be optimistic...
Let us learn how to be optimistic…

Life was created colourful for us to live it that way and to entertain our eyes with its colours. We need to see life so colourful and mosaic… beautiful rainbow. We need to see life in colour to enjoy its tastes and its flavours.

Optimism is your ability to see and appreciate the rainbow in your life
Optimism is your ability to see and appreciate the rainbow in your life

God created for us health, and He created illness for us to entertain the first, and to be prepared for the second.

God created for us the sweet and the bitter to entertain the sweetness and reject the bitter knowing then it is not that sweet as we knew it.

God created for us hunger and fullness, thirst and drinking, poverty and richness, peace and war, love and hate for us to learn that everything in our life is “relative”, but not absolute.

We see the poor in our streets to appreciate money. We feel the hot weather to appreciate fresh air and to entertain the refreshing breeze.

He created dryness and dehydration for us to appreciate the importance of water and to celebrate rain when it falls.

Everything in our life was created for a purpose, and it was created following a serious calculation and long pondering. Shall we thank the Creator for everything He created for us?. Shall we appreciate whatever we’ve gotten as otherwise, we might get the worst.

If you like to be happy and to feel happy, always look at those who are worse than you, but not at those who are much better than you. If you look high and keep looking high, you may trip and fall. If you look at your level or lower, you will see your path clearer and find it safer. Try always to act, desire, and own within your means… your abilities. Please try to be contented and satisfied as tomorrow might be better than today and ease always comes after hardship.

{{. . . and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (with the thought): “Our Lord! not for naught hast Thou created (all) this!}}

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