Structure Power

We are humans, there is nothing new about this, and no added information. 

We are in principle – in my view – just a flesh and a spirit, a material and a soul . . . a vehicle and an engine. The flesh is that mass I am talking about, and that is our body structures…. muscles, bones, blood vessels, organs, and the electric wiring(nerves), the generator(brain) and allies, and the connecting materials(ligaments, capsules, synovial membranes, peritoneum, pericardium, pleura…etc).

Those who own power will need will to make changes
Those who own power will need will to make changes

The spirit inside us is the “hidden powers”, those which keep us going and doing. The spirit inside us is obviously the unknown powers which keep us alive and able to function. The spirit is the one that leaves the body when any one of us leaves this world to the other world… when we die or pass away.

I don’t think that we will have much problems in our attempts to learn about the materialistic side of any human(anatomy, physiology, chemistry, etc…), but our struggle is for us to know anything about the  “secret of living”….. the spirit !.

I do believe that the spirit is part of the Creator (God), and God just decided for us not to be able to know spirit secrets, where it comes from, and when it leaves our bodies…. when we die.

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