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In this area of the website, I will write to you the really good outcomes in my Botulinum Clinic work. These are real cases each with very good outcome after a period of treatment.

Case 1

A 50 years old lady, was referred to the Botulinum clinic from Eye casuality. She mentioned double vision for about 2 weeks, with intermittent muscle twitching around her left eye, sometimes both eyes which increases over time during the day.  She said her left eyelids tend to shut closely sometimes with a lot of twitching in the eyelids themselves. It wasn’t a classical Blepharospasm, nor it was a clear hemifacial spasm.

An MRI brain was ordered, and that showed benign tumour called plasmacytoma. She had chemotherapy followed by stem cell transplant and she is now in a full remission. She had her botox injections, and she currently is doing very well on 6 monthly follow up intervals.

Case 2

  • 18 years female was seen in 2010 with severe chronic migraine. She has tried most of the recommended migraine medications with either no benefits or had bad side effects.
  • She is an ice-skater since younger age, then she became ice-skating instructor at the age of 19.
  • Her migraine medications affected her job very much, and that had a negative effect on her job. She was on the verge of loosing her job, and she became seriously worried about her career. She had warnings her ability to keep her job.
  • She was then offered Botox in Jan. 2011. She had 9 sessions of treatment, last was in Oct.2013. She did not require any since.
  • She is now very well, touring the world doing ice-skating dancing shows and performances with no more migraine medications and their side effects.

Case 3

  • She was in her early 40 with severe writer’s cramp.
  • She worked as a clerk in a court. She needed to use her right hand for a lot of writing.
  • She couldn’t cope, and had already received warning about the possibility of her losing her job.
  • She was referred to the Botulinum clinic and had her first injections with promising results.
  • She had a letter of support and reassuring from the Botulinum clinic with good expectations on botox.
  • She kept her job, and now she is experiences the best control of her dystonia.

Case 4

  • Married lady in her early 40s.
  • Suffered from Distorted posture with severe cervical dystonia since childhood following a fall from a horse..
  • Seen at first by neurosurgeons, and was offered corrective surgery. She was worried and did not like to go ahead.
  • She was referred for possible botulinum treatment in 2006.
  • She had few sessions with very little improvement. She required combined Botulinum & physiotherapy. It wasn’t possible !.
  • Private physiotherapy (£1900) sponsored by drug company.
  • Significant improvement. No more thinking of surgery. Had a full time job with NHS.
  • Last treatment in Jan. 2014. She moved to another place.

Case 5

  • 67 yrs. lady florist with Blepharospasm.
  • Treated with Botox in a different health authority for 10 yrs.
  • Her treatment was transferred to WGH when the Botulinum clinic was opened for the first time in 2004.
  • Adopting a dynamic style in this clinic, the lady’s treatment became adjustable over time.
  • Botox doses were gradually reduced, and the treatment intervals extended gradually to reach 14 monthly at last. 
  • She did very well, and no treatment was given for 14 months with no recurrence of her symptoms.
  • Last treatment was given in 2008. She had an open F/U but she has never required it since that year.

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