Your weight is your shape, and it is part of your personality. You can control your weight and you can easily put it under your powers of control. Your weight is your slave, and you can easily master it if only you have got that well and that kind of motivation.

Remeber onething, the money in your pocket is determind by the balance betwen what comes in and what goes out. The money in your account is the difference between what you put in and what you take out. If you spend more than your income, you will become poor. If you get more than you spend, you will become rich. However, if you work extra time, or you get some rewards, or you get some tips, or you steel some money, or someone else put money in your account without you knowledge, then you become rich without knowing. On the other hand, if you spend without counting, or if some one steels your money; then you will get poor without you know, but when you discover, it may be too late to recover. Please remember this way of thinking when you are dealing with your bodyweight. You can never find money in your pocket unless you put it in, and you can never put on weight without adding calories to your body.

Let me now tell you about your ideal weight. Roughly your suitable weight in kilograms is equal to the number of centimeters above hundred in your height. Suppose your height is 175 centimeters; then your expected weight is 75 kilograms, and so on. I want you also to remember that one stone of your weight is equivalent to 6.35 kilograms. For example, if your weight is 10 stones, that is equivalent to 63.5 kgs.

BMI Ranges among people.

Let me now tell you your ideal weight at anytime and at any age. your weight is goverened by your BMI(Body Mass Index), and body mass index is meaured as follows: BMI= Weight/Height2 if you use kilograms and meters (metric). But if you like to use pound & inch(imperial), then the used eqasion is:

BMI= Weight/Height2 x 703 .

Let us now see an example: A man aged 25 years, his height is 175 centimeters, and his weight is 75 kilograms, then his BMI= 75/1.752 =24.5 kg/m2 .

The normal BMI is ranging between 18.5 & 24.9kg/m2

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