Energy is the power which helps you to perform jobs. Your energy is variable from day to day, and even from hour to hour.

Every cell in your body is able to produce energy, and the total amount of energy you produce is an indication of how many cells in your body are triggered at a time. You know that your body contains trillions of functioning cells, and you are the one who is able to produce more or less. You are the master of your generators, and you are the administrator.

Your energy status is a balance between what you produce and what you consume at a given time. You may use feel exhausted and really tired(fatiggued), but that is not necessarilly an indication of lack of reserve. You can never consume all of your potential energy, but you may be unable to produce enough for your consumption, and that makes you feel tired. There are many ways on how you can produce more energy and beat up your fatigue… that is what I will tell you about. I will also tell you about those conditions when you try hard but still you cannot produce the needed energy. I will tell you about the medical and psychological conditions when you find yourself in shortage of energy when you need more. I will also tell you how much we – doctors – can help you to produce more energy and get rid of your exhaustion and fatigue.

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