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Here is a quick real story;

A 52yrs. gentleman gave 6 months history of a progressive swallowing problem when I first saw him in the out-patient clinic. He also, mentioned increasing leg weakness especially after walking. He mentioned breathing problems, but only with effort. He has lost about 6kgs. in weight, and he admitted to occasional leg cramps after long walk, and slower, weaker speech. Those information where only given to me when I asked specifically about them. 
He was seen at the beginning of his problems 6 months earlier in a hospital, and a diagnosis of a “stroke” was made.
Following full assessment, he was diagnosed clinically with motor neuron disease (MND) and the later investigations confirmed that.

I have gotten few good examples to show that when we ( as doctors) pay more attention listening to our patients we do get better informed about their symptoms, and that obviously helps a lot to think about and consider the most likely diagnosis in each case.

Please keep writing in this space, and tell us more about your medical stories and experiences with doctors and other professionals in connection to your illnesses and management knowing that some of what you say might help someone else.

This website will grow and expand over time, and I hope you’ll find the contents helpful and inspiring.

The idea of this website was, is, and will be to help people who suffer from an illness and want to learn more about it in a simple and understandable way.

Most of the information that mentioned in this website will reflect my experience with my own patients, and the style of communication with them that made them happy and satisfied. 

This is designed to be interactive between doctors and patients as well as the general public for better understanding and better holistic approaches towards disease control and management of its effects on the sufferer daily living, as well as disease complications current and future.

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  1. Thanks Mae for your thoughts which were very clever and really intelligent. I read them and loved them. They were pleasantly approved to be free for everyone to read, and possibly comment.
    Please keep sharing your thoughts with us via this website, and you will for sure let thousands of people to read your thoughts and benefit from your clever ideas and motivating gestures.

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