Dear Dr Belhag . . . .

Thankyou for writing such an honest and inspirational website. It is refreshing and unusual to see a spiritual element discussed alongside illnesses in such a positive way.  It can be difficult to understand and fathom where God is or at work in illnesses whether physical or psychological and one that I have struggled to answer for many years through my work and own personal journey. But like you I do believe in God, and have my faith and trust that God has plans,purposes, destinies and divine appointments in this life despite all my disappointments.

It was quite amazing that I stumbled across your pages, was reading them with great enthusiasm without actually realising it was your work. Of course once I realised it made me smile as how you describe how neurologists should be with patients is 100% true for you.  Being a patient has given me a completely different experience of healthcare and has really opened my eyes to the importance of communication. What people say really matters, and how it is said really matters too! In my last visit to you I walked into the hospital and walked past probably 50 patients and staff…no one smiled! I thought I wonder how long it will be til I see someone smile.. It took about 35 mins.  You were the only person that smiled at me. I hope that in the future I can remember that when I deal with my patients and families.

Thankyou for all your care it has been greatly appreciated. I hope that you will continue to write some more inspirational thoughts when you have time as it is a truly refreshing perspective.

Dawn Twilights.

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  1. If only all doctors took the time that the inimitable Dr Belhag takes! Your care, and shining spirit not only are an example to all other doctors as to how a patient should be related to, but you also lift me each time I have an appointment with you.

    (Okay, it took me some time to finally get my registration to work on this site, not sure what went wrong, but that is my failing, apologies for not being on here to write this earlier)

    I finally understand why and what my symptoms are caused by, and the situation physically I find myself in. I never thought that whilst I would meet a doctor with such clarity in diagnosis, I would also discover someone rooted in such a wonderful understanding of our spirituality too. It is a very rare combination, and so refreshing. Medicine is so often misunderstood to be about the technical and physical side of our beings, because that is how it presents itself, those are the mechanics. It is usually the frustrations borne out of diagnoses made based on that singularity of thought which can cause so much frustration through not truly understanding that there is so much more to address before coming to the whole.

    I am starting to ramble, and this was simply meant to be a big thank you. I am looking forward to exploring all of the fascinating levels of The Ponder and adding to my understanding of the spirit. I truly hope everyone else gets the same sense of well-being from your creation and care.

    Best wishes
    Melissa Mailer-Yates

    1. Thanks Melissa very much for your positive and motivating comments. I do agree with you fully that doctors must give more time and attention to their patients and must allocate some time to listen to their patients’ feedback and any concerns.
      We – doctors – need to see our patients as people with illnesses, but not just diseases need to be treated. When we see our patients as human beings we see them clearer and we manage their illnesses in much broader way i. e holistic approach.
      We – as doctors – always talk about diseases such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, or even pneumonia, peptic ulcer etc. We are most of the time sadly treating diseases but not managing people with illnesses. No disease exists without a carrier. Hence, we need to see and understand the carrier to get rid of the disease.

  2. Indeed, that is such the case as the root of the word indicates… ‘Dis-ease’. Thus it is that whenever I come to see you, and as it may be for so many others, the question is asked; “How are you”, and the normal reply is “Fine!”. Yet the feeling may simply be a sense of feeling ill at ease, not a specific dis-ease, so much as a sense of something not quite right, but that is what is significantly the remnant of what we are generally left with after the destructive ravages of the strokes that now inhabit those corners of the brain once occupied by lively neuron pathways.

    Yes, we have to look at finding ways of waking up the sleeping bits, or shaking the cobwebs off those inactive parts whose turn it is now to take over, but the sense of oneself is never quite the same, and that still, inevitably leads to a sense of being ill at ease. Perhaps it is a fallacy, a trick of the memory that we ever had that clear thinking that we would prefer to look back to, and the same sense of free creativity, but there is a block that can be sensed that wasn’t there before, and that is impossible to ignore, and there is a real knowledge that it wasn’t like that before.

    There is a positivism in that there is so much that could have been a great deal more sestructive, and limited myself to a much greater degree, and for that I am eternally grateful that I was saved any such level of disablement. It would be nice to believe that there will be no more spreading of the clouds, that the occasional dizzy spell, my times when I do have my abscence seizures that happen now only every six months or so, and then last only a weekend, are the limits of my events and are contained as such. We shall see no doubt that there has been no change at my next scan, and then we shall bid a fond farewell as far as officialdom is concerned, but I can honestly say the experience has been like none other – such a joy!

    1. Very interesting Melissa. You have opened my mind on something I have never thought about it !.
      I am in this business of being a medical professional for long time, and I am by nature, very curious about things in my life. I do wounder and ponder almost about everything passes by me, I see it, I hear it, or someone tells me about it. I never ever take things as given… as delivered to me. I do always search, think, and ponder before I accept. That is me, and I am just proud of it.
      What I have never thought about was “disease” !!. I just have taken it as it was given to me, and have never stopped at it to know little bit more about the word “disease” until I read your very clever contribution. You’ve wrote disease as “dis-ease”…. that did stop me and made me wonder !!.
      Yes, I do fully agree with you… disease= dis-ease !!.
      Dis-ease, like dis-comfort, like dis-like, like dis-use, and like dis-satisfaction. It could mean “no easy life” !!.
      Life with no illness is NOT always easy !!. You can be very healthy on medical grounds, but still your life is not easy !!.
      You could be poor, hungry, feeling cold, missing a dear friend, etc. In such circumstances, you are not ill by medical definition, but your life is not necessarily easy !!.
      Hence, I guess, disease not exclusively means illness. It could simply just means; your life is not easy at that moment of time !!. Hence, we could be dealing here with a “misnomer”.
      Thanks Melissa for triggering my wondering and pondering… have a lovely day.

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