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This message came from one of my patients whom I do respect a lot because of her cleverness, courage, and open mindedness.

She wanted me to share her two short videos about the loss of her dearest son. She wanted to share her feelings, and life philosophy in such circumstances for other people to probably learn from her own experience, and for others to learn how to cope in such very difficult times.

Nikki has written to me the following:

Everyday is a life lesson. Everyday we download experiences, good and bad, into our databanks to grow and learn. As a result, the human species develops ( all be it slowly)!

Then comes the day we have learned all our lessons in this life (in this body) and will return from whence we came (the other realm, heaven, spirit… whatever you want to call it). We will down load all these lessons into the greater consciousness.

Life can be very painful and difficult…. But these life lessons are what slowly progresses our consciousness and so as a result, the human race.

I just then wrote my quick spontaneous comment in reply to Nikki:

Thanks Nikki for sharing your thoughts and deep feelings with the readers of this website.
I have watched your two videos with a lot of interest, and I do salute your courage and ability to talk about your experience of losing a child and your own way of coping with that great loss.
I can only say in this context that life is a one way journey, and a one ticket moving train. The life train will never return, and will only move forwards. You need to be in that train, and you need to enjoy every bit of the life journey even though you knew in advance that the life journey is not always as you have wished or you have desired. It is meant to be that way, and the purpose of that only few people can see and can appreciate.

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Please feel free to comment or add your own experience.

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