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  1. I recently had a conversation with a friend about some people’s experiences of their diagnosis of MS. I became aware that everyone’s diagnosis journey is very different and realised quite quickly that maybe my experience was probably not unique but may still be quite common, even though my hope is that it isn’t for the majority.

    I thought I would try and share this with you….my hope is that some may be encouraged by my journey.

    ‘What we say?’

    When faced with hearing difficult, life changing news, we all react in different ways. No way is the right way, we are all different, have different personalities and different outlooks on life.

    For many it may be that the news is not a shock…we may already suspect, or have have been given some forewarning so that we can mentally prepare.

    For others it may come out of the blue, with no warning, shattering dreams in the same way, but with a much harder blow.

    My experience was very much the latter of the two. I was given a bleak picture of what the future could be like with some very unwise advice. It was devastating news which turned my life upside down.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that experience…..but if you do then you must remember that there is always hope in everything.

    I have proved 15 years on that I am still very healthy, very happy and active, even though It seems the diagnosis was right. Non of the pessimistic outlooks i was told have ever come to light, In fact, very few people are even aware of my ‘hidden’ illness.

    Why have I not progressed to develop complications?….I am not sure …. but I believe we should have a good attitude, be optimistic and stay positive.

    No one can control some of the things that happen in our life’s and I have tried hard to never allow my illness to define who I am. It is a part of me and it will come along on my journey…. but I don’t let it drive. I consider it when I make decisions that affect my future …but that is as far as I allow it in.

    What we say matters…..How we say it matters too!

    The words that are used, the tone of voice in which those words are shared, can be so powerful. When receiving bad news It is my hope that every person is treated with dignity, respect, kindness and care. No one deserves anything less…..No one deserves to feel like their feelings and life doesn’t matter…. because the memories of those words will stay with them forever.

    Remember though…. When it’s dark look for the stars and when it rains look for rainbows!

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