Migraine is a chronic illness by definition, but I think it is much more than that. 

Migraine is a complicated condition which affects all aspects of the sufferer’s life, and it has to be seen that way.

Treating migraine as an illness is not the way forward, but treating the sufferer as a whole (holistic approach) is the right way towards success in my view.

Migraine needs both the managing professional and the sufferer to work together in an integrated and complimentary thinking to include in its auspices listening to the sufferer and seeing the migraine sufferer as a human but not a sick person.

In my view the best way to control migraine, and for a long time, is to see it through three dimensions:

  1. The patient (the sufferer).
  2. The healer (the neurologist).
  3. The remedy (the medications)

In this section of the ponder, I will at first give an idea to the reader about headache as a whole, and migraine as a field of interest with more required details by migraine sufferer and the migraine treating doctor for those who are in a position to learn more about migraine.

I will try my best to discuss migraine through my way of thinking, and how to deal with it as more than just a disease, but a person with migraine. We (doctors) must not treat a “disease”, but a “person” with that disease. That way I think we can help much better by giving more time, attention, and understanding to all our patients. 

 Please keep your eyes on this space, and expect what you are looking for. I will do my best to deliver to your PC and I will ask for no thing but your feedback and your good or bad experience in dealing with migraine as a sufferer or as a managing professional.


Dr M Belhag

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