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Demyelinating disease
Demyelinating disease

This part of the website is designed to help people who suffer from multiple sclerosis. I have tried my best to make the material shown on this area to be less technical, more understandable, and easily followed with up-dated information to the latest of my knowledge.

There will be an introduction to MS as a condition, the most likely acceptable cause of it, the symptoms those might raise the alarm and lead people to seek medical advice, and what every sufferer of MS expect from their doctors when they raise the alarm.

When MS is diagnosed, what sufferers expect their neurologist to tell them about, what sort of information need to be available to new MS sufferers, and where to seek help and support.

Patients with MS also need to learn their life with MS, the future expected course of events, the available treatment, and the possible outcome.

Patients with MS need someone to talk to; someone is up-to-date about developments from diagnosis to the latest available disease modifying therapy. Also, patients need their care providers to be able to answer their questions about controversial issues and therapeutic modalities those are not yet licensed in the UK, but may be licensed somewhere else.

Patients with MS also need enough time when they visit their specialist to enable them to ask questions, and to get enough explanations with demonstrations and practical examples rather than just learn about theoretical thinking. Patients with MS should have an access to see their MRI scans and other results of their investigations as they wish.

I will try my best to demonstrate the above on this part of the website, allowing all my readers to ask questions and provide their views as well when appropriate. I will also encourage MS sufferers to share their MS experience with others.

Every feedback from patients and professional carers will be treated with interest and serious consideration, because your feedback is my guidance towards making improvements to assure you that this website as a whole, and the MS part of it in particular is your own… is your real sanctuary when you need one.

Please contact me on this e.mail address: if you have any questions, concerns, or any point of view.

You can always write your feedback (if any) directly on the feedback section  of this website.

You can also write your comments under this article on the comments slot.

With my best regards,

Dr M Belhag

Neurologist with special interest in MS 

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