Causes of MS

MS is considered one of the many diseases those we don’t know as yet their aetiology (causes).

There are as a result many theories aimed at explaining how MS happen and what was the agent or agents which could cause it on the first instance.

  1. Infectious theory, e.g Viruses.
  2. Environmental theory, e.g Smoking.
  3. Genetic theory, e.g DNA 
  4. Metabolic theory, e.g Vitamin D 
  5. Vascular theory, e.g CCSVI.
  6. Multifactorial theory, e.g Many of the above.
Epidemiology of MS
Epidemiology of MS

To mention one cause is probably not fair and it is unlikely to be true. Some scientists believe in the multifactorial theory which considers in particular the genetic predisposition adding to it environmental causes such as infection, vitamin D deficiency, and living in a cold climate places closer to the Northern pole is probably the good environment for developing MS. 

Obviously if we know what causes MS, we will be able to cure it. That what happened with HIV which was considered at one time as a killer with no available treatment.

An extensive international serious work took few years lead to know what caused HIV, and eventually to develop appropriate antivirus, then vaccination. These days – thanks to scientists – HIV is not considered a killer, and there are few reports on curing the disease.

I agree MS may be considered as more complicated than HIV, but I believe that if we concentrate much on knowing what causes MS, we may be able to develop a cure.

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