my thinking (1)

Life is a school everyone has to go to. Time is the teacher who teaches every one of us. Life events are the text books we read and learn from. Our actions are our research work; sometimes we can do it right, and sometimes we may make mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes, and we do celebrate our successes.

We always need to think, to guess and to ponder. We need to look around us and try our best to see everything around us. There are things we like, things we love, and things we adore. On the other side, there are things we don’t like, things we hate and things we don’t like to think about.

At the end of each day, and on every day we live, each one of us tries their best to find their ways in life. We always try to identify targets, we may create them or we may just found ourselves to being told to borrow them from others. We all need to identify targets and walk towards reaching them. Our targets are our destinations; the moment we reach them is the moment we celebrate, and then create others. If in our midways we discover that we are losing our targets, we have to think again. We must have another look, trying hard to find our lost targets. If we fail to do so, we must find an alternative to make it our new destination. We will, at the end of the mission, be there. We must be there; when and how is something we learn from.

Quantity is not that important if we are able to appreciate quality. Some of us enjoy quantity and never pay much attention to quality. The contented and the appreciating always think of quality and enjoy quality of things.

Let us look ahead of us, think, measure, calculate and go ahead. The distance of thousand miles always starts with one step. You can reach your targets if you identify the routes towards them. You get on the top of the mountain if you think about it. You look at it, draw a picture in your mind, design a plan, gather your tools, trigger your motivation and put your foot on the first rock at the bottom of the mountain; then you will be there… never think about when, but always think about how. Have a nice day full of nice dreams, and be happy.

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