Your body is controlled by your brain, and your brain is controlled by your mind. You are the one who is able to drive your life via using your mind. In a way, you are the master of your mind, and your mind is under your control. The question is always: who are you who can control your mind, and run your own life?. That comes under “entity”… what is your entity?. Here I think we find ourselves entering the field of “philosophy”, and once we are there, we may get lost. Who are you?. That is the question everyone of us needs to ask ownself. Who are you, or may be otherwise: who am I?. Are we talking here about identity, ownself or us as humans?. Let me give you a very simple example. Your laptop, desktop or even your mobile set. Anyone of them needs hardware, software and electricity. The hardware is dependent on software and the software is dependent on electricity… the stimulus to ignite, and the generator to keep going. Let us return to you and I. Each one of us is a body, a mind, and a spirit. Just imagine three different status or statuses (by the way, the pleural of status is status or statuses !) of you or of me. I will rather start with “me”, so, I can feel free to imagine and guess. I could be fully conscious and alert. I could be semi-conscious or unconscious. I could be unconscious but alive, or unconscious and dead. In the first status, I am fully functioning. I’ve got the spirit with me, I can use my mind, and I can function my body. That means, computer set, software, and connected to electricity and the electricity is on. In the second status, I am alive, my body is still functioning, but my mind is resting. Which means that the computer is connected to electricity, but the software is none-functioning? In the third status, I am there, but not alive. I am nothing but a useless mass of flesh. That means, the computer is there, the software is there, but no electricity. The software is not functioning, and the computer set is nothing but a mass of material. I think now, we all understand the circumstances and imagine the situation. I will leave you to think, and make whichever scenario you wish to create. Have a lovely evening.

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