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Following a hard time always comes good times
Following a hard time always comes good times

Hello to every one who is now on board of this space, or who is seriously thinking to start browsing !.

the-ponder.com” in its older version started in September 2011 and has moved on continuously until the 4th. of July 2014 when it was replaced by its new version which is this one !. The number of browsers for the new version since its starting on the 4th. of July 2014 and until today 07 September 2018 is 206,339.

When the old version of “the-ponder.com” was closed, its visitors and browsers counter recorded a total of 129,971 which was by all standards impressive keeping in mind that the old version was never completed and many of its contents were missing at the time of closer because of the lack of time.

The new version of “the-ponder.com” is now on air, and it is thriving. The ponder will grow and gets bigger every day. your support and participation will certainly grow and will get more listening. 

The new version of “the-ponder.com” is now launched, and it will build up by adding something new every day. It’ll be dynamic with updates and daily additions including a new “thought” every day. It’ll be more interactive, and it’ll allow a large space for others to express their views, feed back, and any clever ideas to share with the browsers of this website.

There will be something for everyone I hope, and there will be a good space for medical students and the young newly qualified doctors . There will be a lot of space for those who suffer from illnesses and are not quite sure what do, and how it is going to be  with their illnesses in the future(prognosis).

I had a promise from some of my patients to write about their own experience with their illnesses, and how they managed to carry on living happily and positively. I had promises as well from some people who had the ability to write about life and living, and those will have unlimited space and freedom to write and share their thinking with us.

There will be a lot of changes over time, but one thing will remain the same however; a promise to keep “The Ponder” in your possession. The Ponder will remain your property, your servant, and your source of the latest information that you may need to know about.

The Ponder will also keep its promise to speak your language and to talk to you in the simplest way that you’ll find easy and understandable.

This is a good chance for all of us to work together to help distribute the knowledge, the valuable advice, and the kindness between us and for every one else who may suffer from a given illness or feels unhappy for some reason.

M Belhag, Editor in chief.

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  1. These comments came from Dawn Twilights (not her real name !) on 8 May 2016:

    Hi Mohamed,
    Thank you for writing (Why me?), editorial number 8 .
    I really enjoyed reading it. I have never really looked at the world from that perspective before and it has brought up lots of interesting questions in my mind. One of them being ‘what should our response be to suffering?’

    Like you say, life for any one of us is full of struggles battles, difficulties and illnesses. There is not one individual that I know who does not have their own story of pain, struggle, heartache or disappointments.

    If we look back at our own journey we can probably see how such experiences have shaped and moulded our character and changed the direction of our lives, hopefully for the better in the end. That is if we can accept that life is a journey of hills and valleys, and that not one of us is immune to pain and suffering.

    The question for some is ‘where is God in those painful moments?’. In our darkest moments in life we can feel like heaven is silent…. but it is in those moments that God is walking beside us, in the tears, the questions, the frustrations. We can look back on our lives and it can seem like such a mess …..but if we look closely enough we can always find God in the smaller details of the experience.

    It reminds me of a song written by a beautiful singer called Laura story.. Called blessings. She wrote this at a time in her life when her husband had just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and was searching for the same answer.


    So I have an illness ……. No one has a cure… No one knows why it happens…and I can live my life with fears, worries, if, buts and maybes… But no one knows what my journey is going to be, except God. So I have a choice to make … It can make me a bitter or better person!

    I feel blessed that It hasn’t affected me too badly but the diagnosis has been a journey of significant loss in many ways.
    Would my journey in life have been different if I hadn’t been diagnosed? ‘Yes….but I wouldn’t be where I am today and I would never exchange that.

    I can wrestle with the what if’s and but’s of those losses but I have to ask do I want those experiences to make me bitter or a better person?. We all have regrets in this life but we have to learn to forgive ourselves and move on.

    But how do we help those that can’t see through the despair, can’t see the amazing opportunities and life that they still have before them in those moments of greatest disappointment and sorrow. Even if the time we have left is short and one of pain we still have a choice… We can still,in those moments, be the best person we can be.


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