Spirit, soul, and the mind. Do we know much about them?. What happens if we happened to know?!.

A human creature is made of four important components: Body, mind, soul, and a spirit. We knew a lot about the body(shape, structure, function, and disposals), but we only knew very little about the other three components. 

I would offer a question here for those who love to think deep, ponder, and work hard to understand the nature of things. The question is: mind, soul, and spirit… are they different or they could be just three names for the same thing?.
If you ask me what I think, I would say: it is hard and can be difficult to distinguish between them as we in reality don’t know much about any of them. We can only guess, imagine, ponder, and wonder about them. We can not subject them to research, and we can not subject them to further analysis…. they are untouchable !.
I always say in my writings and discussions about us(humans), that we are in principle a body and a spirit… but, what is the spirit?. 
Spirit is the unknown secret of our living.

{{They ask thee concerning the Spirit (of inspiration). Say: The Spirit (cometh) by command of my Lord of knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to you (O men!)…}}. From the holy book: we don’t know much about the spirit, and it is God’s affairs as we only – as much as we knew – still knew very little. I think here, we are talking about God’s world… the Universe. Despite of that I can still think and guess about the spirit. 

I do believe that we as humans, were made of a structure(flesh) and function. To make the structure function, you need to find an engine.  Light needs electricity, and electricity needs a generator, and a generator needs fuel, and the fuel needs to be converted into energy…. a bit complicated. I think in a very simple way of pondering, I would rather say the spirit is the means by which our body cells start to function(the igniting spark)… it is the trigger for every thing happens in our bodies to keep things going {{Behold! Thy Lord said to the angels: “I am about to create man, from sounding clay from mud moulded into shape; (28) “When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit }}. I believe that the spirit is a tiny part of the Lord who lent it to us to live the given age, and at the end of the contract, He(The Lord) just fetches back what he gave us and we just cease to function… die {{O (thou) spirit, Come back thou to thy Lord}}… return to your Creator !!.
Hence, I guess, we were lent a generator(engine) to keep us going until the last day of our lives, then the engine is taken back, and the deceased will remain motionless, lifeless, and simply “dead”. That is probably the spirit, but is the spirit same as the soul?.
That is another question which needs an answer. I would think that spirit and soul are not the same. I do believe that spirit is part of God, hence, it is pure, innocent and very powerful. When any one of us dies, simply God takes back its belongings and leaves our flesh to be buried. However, our souls I guess remain with us and will be buried with our corpses … to me that is the soul which is different from the spirit.
My next question is: what is the difference between the soul and the mind?. Is the mind simply the trigger of the brain, and the brain is the master of everything in our lives?. I guess, it is an other  valid question.
Do we know anything about our souls?. Your soul is your core, but what is it?.

I would think in this context that the soul is our body software(the way we think, we behave, we love and hate, we care, we function, we desire, we satisfy, etc), and the mind is the ignite of that software to make it function(work). The mind in us is the will, urge, power, intention…. the conscious choice we make. Your mind is you will and your intentions. Your motivation, your eagerness, your way of thinking.

At the end of the day, our brains are the parliaments where decisions are made, our body structures and organs are the government which through its agents everywhere in the body executes the parliament’s decrees and decisions, and our minds are the supreme courts those govern and control everything for us to function properly when we are healthy. We can order our brains to create a function through our minds, and different parts of our bodies to execute that function according to speciality. 
What is the mind, and how your mind can control your actions?. Your mind is you, the person, but what it is?.

In simple terms, if I wanted to say something, I just think about what to say(mind), create what I wanted to say(brain), and execute what I wanted to say into talk(tongue, hard palate, teeth, and lips).

In conclusion, I wanted to say to everyone who reads this loud thinking: you are in charge of your brain via your mind. Your brain is responsible for every thing you do including love via your sympathetic nervous system, urination via your kidneys, circulation via your heart, breathing via your lungs, etc. 
Finally, you may hate me to say that your love is not in your heart, but your heart is nothing but a mechanical pump that pumps blood into every bit of your body. You can donate or receive a heart, but your love will never go with it, or the new heart you receive will never come with its donor’s love.  Think about it, and let me know your way of thinking by commenting on my thinking. Let us talk and share thought and ideas. You are free here to think loudly.

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  1. These comments came from Dawn Twilights (not her real name !) on 8 May 2016:

    Hi Mohamed,
    Thank you for writing (Why me?), editorial number 8 .
    I really enjoyed reading it. I have never really looked at the world from that perspective before and it has brought up lots of interesting questions in my mind. One of them being ‘what should our response be to suffering?’

    Like you say, life for any one of us is full of struggles battles, difficulties and illnesses. There is not one individual that I know who does not have their own story of pain, struggle, heartache or disappointments.

    If we look back at our own journey we can probably see how such experiences have shaped and moulded our character and changed the direction of our lives, hopefully for the better in the end. That is if we can accept that life is a journey of hills and valleys, and that not one of us is immune to pain and suffering.

    The question for some is ‘where is God in those painful moments?’. In our darkest moments in life we can feel like heaven is silent…. but it is in those moments that God is walking beside us, in the tears, the questions, the frustrations. We can look back on our lives and it can seem like such a mess …..but if we look closely enough we can always find God in the smaller details of the experience.

    It reminds me of a song written by a beautiful singer called Laura story.. Called blessings. She wrote this at a time in her life when her husband had just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and was searching for the same answer.


    So I have an illness ……. No one has a cure… No one knows why it happens…and I can live my life with fears, worries, if, buts and maybes… But no one knows what my journey is going to be, except God. So I have a choice to make … It can make me a bitter or better person!

    I feel blessed that It hasn’t affected me too badly but the diagnosis has been a journey of significant loss in many ways.
    Would my journey in life have been different if I hadn’t been diagnosed? ‘Yes….but I wouldn’t be where I am today and I would never exchange that.

    I can wrestle with the what if’s and but’s of those losses but I have to ask do I want those experiences to make me bitter or a better person?. We all have regrets in this life but we have to learn to forgive ourselves and move on.

    But how do we help those that can’t see through the despair, can’t see the amazing opportunities and life that they still have before them in those moments of greatest disappointment and sorrow. Even if the time we have left is short and one of pain we still have a choice… We can still,in those moments, be the best person we can be.


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