When the sun gets up to smile for us, we need to smile back for not to upset our solar queen.
When the sun gets up to smile for us, we need to smile back for not to upset our solar queen.
It just happened, I woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning. Not as early as it was thought, but it is Sunday !!.
I walked straight to the window and looked through it at far away.
I allowed the way wide
open to my imaginations. I saw the sun trying sincerely to hug the horizon or the other way around. I kept closely watching with a lot of interest, and suddenly I found myself floating high in the space with my imaginations. I thought of a different scenario… I thought about a different hugging. I closed my eyes and imagined the sun trying to hug the moon, or may be the other way round. I said to myself, when the moon tries to hug the sun, an eclipse will happen to one of them. If the Sun is the product of an eclipse, we – people – ¬†get the darkness and the scary, frightening aura around us, but when the moon is the bray, then, we know that there would be always something in between of them, and that would render the moon to become the victim which would suffer the cold, the gloom, and the darkness. When the moon is eclipsed, it may suffer on its own, and it’ll only shine when the barriers just move away and let the sun to shine on its moon, warm her, enlighten her, and makes her blossom with a broad smile again. Moon’s smile has affected people over the ages, probably the mostly affected were poets, lovers, dreamers, artists, novel and lyric writers, as well as musicians.
A shy smile from the queen. It'll become bigger and broader.
A shy smile from the queen. It’ll become bigger and broader.
While I was deeply absorbed in my imaginations, a little squeak came to my hearing from somewhere which cut my brief snooze and took me away from my dreamy dreams. I opened my eyes again to watch the sun which was still very gently hugging the wide horizon, and a bright light just
started to spread every where around and away from that romantic hug. I then started scanning the whole area around me smiling and feeling much brighter. I loved the shininess, the brightness, the beautiful atmosphere around me… everything was so quiet, tranquil, and very calming. I tried to hear the birds singing at that moment of time, but to no avail. I realised then that we are in the process of saying bye bye to the autumn and prepare ourselves to welcome the unwanted guest… the winter.
Birds do stay in their hide for longer after sunshine, or may instead chose to remain in dormancy until the early twilight of spring starts sneaking carefully behind the horizon.
The whole process has to affect us and encourages us to start thinking, guessing, pondering, and motivate us to open the way wide for our imaginations. We need to be hopeful, optimistic, dreamy, and we need to genuinely trust the future. We need to say to ourselves, whatever the present is, the future will be better and more rewarding. Tomorrow is going to be better than today, and if tomorrow doesn’t honour the promise, then the following day will. We need to see the future, and we need to see ourselves part of it with happiness, satisfaction, and above all… with a big appreciation to the Creator who made this planet beautiful, colourful, and appealing for us to love life and enjoy our living.

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  1. These comments came from Dawn Twilights (not her real name !) on 8 May 2016:

    Hi Mohamed,
    Thank you for writing (Why me?), editorial number 8 .
    I really enjoyed reading it. I have never really looked at the world from that perspective before and it has brought up lots of interesting questions in my mind. One of them being ‘what should our response be to suffering?’

    Like you say, life for any one of us is full of struggles battles, difficulties and illnesses. There is not one individual that I know who does not have their own story of pain, struggle, heartache or disappointments.

    If we look back at our own journey we can probably see how such experiences have shaped and moulded our character and changed the direction of our lives, hopefully for the better in the end. That is if we can accept that life is a journey of hills and valleys, and that not one of us is immune to pain and suffering.

    The question for some is ‘where is God in those painful moments?’. In our darkest moments in life we can feel like heaven is silent…. but it is in those moments that God is walking beside us, in the tears, the questions, the frustrations. We can look back on our lives and it can seem like such a mess …..but if we look closely enough we can always find God in the smaller details of the experience.

    It reminds me of a song written by a beautiful singer called Laura story.. Called blessings. She wrote this at a time in her life when her husband had just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and was searching for the same answer.


    So I have an illness ……. No one has a cure… No one knows why it happens…and I can live my life with fears, worries, if, buts and maybes… But no one knows what my journey is going to be, except God. So I have a choice to make … It can make me a bitter or better person!

    I feel blessed that It hasn’t affected me too badly but the diagnosis has been a journey of significant loss in many ways.
    Would my journey in life have been different if I hadn’t been diagnosed? ‘Yes….but I wouldn’t be where I am today and I would never exchange that.

    I can wrestle with the what if’s and but’s of those losses but I have to ask do I want those experiences to make me bitter or a better person?. We all have regrets in this life but we have to learn to forgive ourselves and move on.

    But how do we help those that can’t see through the despair, can’t see the amazing opportunities and life that they still have before them in those moments of greatest disappointment and sorrow. Even if the time we have left is short and one of pain we still have a choice… We can still,in those moments, be the best person we can be.


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