Human beings are very sophisticated creatures, and they are considered the “finest creatures on the planet”.

Diving deep in the core of the human being is not an easy task, but a combined biological and philosophical approach will be expressed widely here.

We do know a lot about structure and function, but what is not known is much more than what we did know. It is so easy to see and experiment, but when it comes to the beyond of the visualised part of us we will find ourselves lost somewhere between the folders of the known. We will then find ourselves diving deep in unknown and the untouchable realities of the hidden side of the human body . . . the “power of our creation”, and the power of that who created us.  We will navigate into our imaginations and the best f our reckoning to learn some more about us.  

This part of the-ponder will be probably the most intriguing part and it will no doubt attract a lot of interest and attention.

I di like to see some very clever psychologists and psychiatrists participating in this area for better exploration, but that will be seen.

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An attempt to understand around us via pondering inside us