Your Confidence

The process and course of learning
1- High confidence – low knowledge
2- Low confidence – growing knowledge
3-Growing confidence – growing knowledge
4- High confidence – high knowledge

We were all born with no experience, no knowledge, and no confidence. Over time, we learn some experience from our own trials and errors, we learn from our parents, and we learn from creatures around us. Then we go to school, and over there we learn few different things. We learn from books, from teachers, from classmates, and again we learn from our mistakes. During the process of learning, we also start to build up confidence. For certain, the process of confidence building up is different from the process of learning. Learning always builds the way towards confidence, but the two functions are not necessarily parallel or proportional to one another.

Your power is your ability do do things, your will is your motivator, and your confidence is your power to do things at the right time in the right place with the expected precision. You just need to know who you are, what you are able to do, and how to do it. Once you know the right answer to those questions, then you are confident.

How to build up self confidence?. I will write about this in my next addition which will be very soon…

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