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The “body”… we know about it, but what about the “spirit”?!.

Let us see what was mentioned about the “spirit”….  And they ask thee regarding the spirit, Say thou: the spirit is by the command of my Lord, and ye have not been vouchsafed of knowledge save a little”

Spirit is the invisible power of God
Spirit is the invisible power of God

Basically, we don’t know anything about the “spirit”, but I can say; it is the “zest of life”… the reason why we are alive. It is the petrol for a car may be, without it you can not start the engine of your car, and you can’t use it even though you do own the car !. It is a frame, engine, but with no petrol. It can be towed, but can’t be driven !.

The English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning “breath“, but also it may mean soul, courage, vigour, etc. However, in Greek, the two words have two different meanings: Spirit= pneumaand Soul= psykhēTherefor, I think the spirit and the soul are probably two different things. The spirit is the invisible power of God that He breathes into created bodies to turn them alive: “Who made everything He has created good, and He began the creation of man from clay”. … “Then He fashioned him in due proportion, and breathed into him the soul”. While, the soul in my view is the hidden powers and characters of personality in the human and animal creatures.

We don't see the spirit. Hence, we can only guess it or imagine it...
We don’t see the spirit. Hence, we can only guess it or imagine it…

Well, let me make the picture clearer: when we are alive, we are able to do things, we are able to perform functions, and basically.. we are able to breath. Our hearts are able to beat and pump blood.

As doctors, we know when someone dies… passes away. No breathing, no heart beat, and no brain stem functions. What happens during the process, and how someone just dies… we don’t know much about that process…. the process of dying.

We don’t know what exactly happens at the very moment of dying. Philosophically, you can never die, you could only be killed !!. How it happens, and when the spirit leaves the body, and what is in reality the “spirit”…. can we see it leaving the body?. I doubt it very much, because if we can see it, we will be able to catch it and return it back to the dead to render them alive again !!.

I do believe in God, and God’s powers for creation. We can these days create many things, and we can imitate God in many ways, but injecting the creature with “life” is probably far beyond our abilities as human beings.

Are we trying to play God, or we just create scientific break through ?!.
Are we trying to play God, or we just create scientific break through ?!.

I would think that the “spirit” is the formula that if we know how to make it right, we could create life and interfere with living.  

Well, let me remind you with the creation of one cell bacterium !. Yes, a living creature was made by human scientists…. is it playing God?!. Probably yes, but we love to deny it !!. In practice, we’ve been playing God for long time… since probably the creation of “Dolly” the sheep in 1996.

Let me remind those who probably have forgotten. Jesus was born to virgin Mary without male involvement. Basically, no ovum and sperm in the process. Jesus was born to virgin Mary and that was a God’s miracle to the people on Earth at that time.  That miracle remained a miracle until 1996, when a creature managed to imitate Creator !!. That was true and it was realistic.

We are now able to have children from virgin women with no need for a man. That miracle of Jesus birth to unmarried mother is now solved. Can we create creatures?. Can we inject “life” into dead bodies to turn them alive again?. We may be able do that in the near future !!..

We can these days copy into the DNA whatever information we want !!.
We can these days copy into the DNA whatever information we want !!.

To be clear, scientists have already proven that they can synthetically manufacture DNA in the lab and write into it pretty much whatever they want, including a full length of a book in science !.

Mono-cellular organisms have already been created in the laboratory !.
Mono-cellular organisms have already been created in the laboratory !.

Let us remember the mono-cellular bacterium which was created in 2010… “”As described today in the journal Science, the study scientists constructed the genome of the bacterium Mycoplasma mycoides from more than 1,000 sections of preassembled units of DNA. Researchers then transplanted the artificially assembled genome into a M. capricolum cell that had been emptied of its own genome. Once the DNA “booted up,” the bacteria began to function and reproduce in the same manner as naturally occurring M. mycoides””.

They managed to create a genome, and tomorrow a full DNA, and then create life from chemicals.

As a result, I think the spirit is probably an art of organising the 4 famous amino-acids ( Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine ) in a special way to make them function and produce life…. movement, breathing, heart beating… etc.

We are talking here about trillions of trillion sequences of the 4 amino acids and their allies to be arranged in a given way(sequences) to be able to produce life and create living. Can we do it?. 

In theory, it is possible, but in practice, this may be beyond human ability, and for it to remain a sole property for God. 

God has created us from nothing, he has designed us the way He wanted. He configured us the way He knew very well. He knows exactly where to place every single amino acid in a given genome between other trillions of similar ones, and He knows very well, if He just moves one amino acid from its position to near by, the creature would be born with congenital defects !.

Yes, many people are born every day with congenital defects. Some of them are seriously so, but we need to remember that is not God’s mistake. He is able to put everything in its exact position, but He did not want to do so… do we know why?!. For us to remember that we have been created by God, and for us to expect God to create us the way He wants but not the way we wanted or wished or desired. More importantly, we need to learn to be kind, helpful, sympathetic, and nice to one another. We need as well to use our brains to search and find out why some one has a congenital defect, and how we may treat that in the future. Hence, came the theory of “gene therapy” which came out after more than  200,000 years since the first human was created, and it is still in its early days. God created people in different colours, heights, shapes, features, and created some with congenital defects…. all were for a purpose (wisdom), and not many of us would appreciate that. All diseases, errors of metabolism, congenital defects, infections, cancers, chronic illnesses, natural disasters, wars, etc… all of the bad things those we hate and some of us blame God for them… they all were done that way because God wanted them to be that way. Those of us who knew the purpose understood God in much better way, and understood life in a more positive way.  

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