Your Worries

We are nothing more than hardware, software, and a hidden source of energy drive…

We were born with characters deeply built inside us. We were built with a hardware(body) and a software(mind), and we’ve been supplied with the zest of living(spirit).

Our hardware is something we can see, touch, feel, look at, study easily, and we can break and make(fix it). Our software is more complicated because it is very much sophisticated. Each one of us is born with a fully designed and nicely calculated “software”, but the designer just wanted that software not to be ideal. We are born with an artefact inside us. No one among us is “perfect”. Perfection is not a human character, but perfection is the Creator’s character.

What is then about us human creatures?. It is a legible and logic question that all of us need to ask ourselves, and ask others about. We need as well to find an answer to this kind of question.

No one of us is perfect. We all have good and bad characters inside us, but that is not something we need to worry about. Everything in our creation was based on a perfect calculation. We were not born perfect for us to think about us… about our race as humans, and about our faculties as individuals. The time we start thinking is the time we discover and find out some other ways for us to live in peace with each other, and with other creatures sharing this planet with us.

Here comes us with us… each one of us with others, and with their own selves. It is in essence, I with me, and it is me with you. It is us with others i.e us with us !!. It does sound complicated, but take it from me… it is not complicated at all. We just need to think and to wonder… we need to ponder no doubt.


Worries are safe measures , and are protective. Over worrying is destructive to us.

Now, I will return to the subject I am talking about. Our worries, anxieties, stresses, strains, tensions, overreactions, etc. Why we worry and why we strain ourselves?. It is in my view, and in my thinking, very much normal for us human beings to be worried about things…. to be worried about now, then, and the future. We need to worry ,so, we can prepare ourselves to the worst. So, we can plan in advance, and we can avoid what is avoidable.

Normal daily worries and anxieties are normal for us, but when things go beyond normal limits, they just get into an area out of our control as individuals and as a group. Too much worry has only one outcome: stress, and a prolonged stress can only lead to one thing: depression. We need to be careful, to be open minded, and to very conscious and aware. We need always to calm down, relax, to have a back and to think again.

We are not living in paradise. We are still living on Earth. Our planet is our home and it is for us to make our home suitable for our living.


In a very simple way, I would say worry is normal, and stress is abnormal. Worry is a protective measure and can be very healthy. However, stress is when we are unable to deal with our worries. We simply get stressed when we don’t know what to do next. We get too much worried, panicky, and lose our abilities to control our behaviours when we are stressed.

Too much and unnecessary worry means stress, and too much and recurrent daily stresses will end up in a depression. We need to be aware, and we need to be very much careful. Worries and stresses can be reversed, but depression can sometimes be very chronic, and can be hard to treat or control.

What can you do to control worries and beat stresses?

Always remember and believe that you have gotten immense powers and abilities inside your body. You are very powerful, but you just need to search for your hidden powers inside you, and find the way to reach them. We all were born with will and power, and we are all able if we know how to use our hidden powers when we need to use them.

Here are some advises on how to beat worries, prevent stresses, and avoid depression:

  • Know yourself: talk to your body !.
  • Explore your hidden powers: Read “hidden powers” on this website.
  • Always remember that what ever can be done by someone else, it can be done by you.
  • You are allowed to worry, but remain in control.
  • Never sleep with your worries: Sort them out or throw them away !. Never take your worries to bed with you.
  • What you can’t sort it out today, you may sort it tomorrow. Always remember, tomorrow is another day.
  • There are things those you worry about, but they are not realistic. Think about your worries, and try to be realistic.
  • Ask a good and close friend for help if you are stuck.
  • Some things you worry about are beyond your abilities such as your health, your car, or your house. Try to seek a professional help.
  • Once your problem is in their hands(doctors, mechanics, builders, etc), then leave to them. Always remember that “they” are able to help you.

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