Summer days are:Long, shiny, cheerful, and happy…

Some countries in world hate summer, and others dream of its arrival. That is our life, and that is the way how it was designed for us to live in it and to enjoy our lives and dream for the best.

For those countries in the world which experience long, cold, and wet winters always long for few summary days… few days is enough all what they can realistically dream of. Few says of sunshine are better than many days of rain in the middle of the summer !!.

Summer days: Happiness is natural and innocent moments…

See, how much our reaction to things is different?!. How much sometimes we hate things and get angry about things, but the very same things are a source of happiness and joy for others.

Summer days: We need to prepare ourselves…

In the summer of course, our days are longer, but our energy bills are much less !!. In the summer, people from other countries travel to the more sunny places, but those in the sunny places themselves travel away to probably less sunny places. We are humans, and we are diverse. Our reaction to the very same things is different, and our priorities are different.

Summer time: Nature can be so beautiful especially when everything in very much natural !!.

We need to be that way, because we have been created that way. 

We were born with different shapes, heights, sizes, colours, features, and ways of thinking. Our  creation was not random, and our differences were calculated. Every event in our life is designed to be, and every outcome is meant to be. Life is colourful, and we need to see it colourful to enjoy it.

Summer brings to us in Western Europe warmth, hope, and happiness. Summer makes us cheerful, more interactive, and more communicating with each other… we become more sociable in summer, and we wish every year that summer remain with us a bit longer, but it does not listen to us !!.

Summer loves to show for short time, then just goes away before we even had enough of it. It’ll remain lovable, and we remain in love with summer all of our lives.

Summer days: Time to feel happy !!.

Let us enjoy summer days and celebrate summer nights. Let us talk to each other, become good friends with one another. Let us share the season happiness and make life happier for those who were not lucky, or were not gifted in this life. Let us try to be nice to each other, and feel the suffering of others… let us become more empathetic, and more sympathetic. Let us share happiness, welfare, and share the burden of those who  for whatever reason found themselves ill, poor, in conflict zones, or  born disabled. Let us see the blue sky as a mirror our actions reflected on its surface, and see our deeds expressed in its silent but expressive language. Let us be nice to one another, and always remind ourselves that we are all humans, and we do all feel the pain and resent suffering.    

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