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Who am I ?

I have been given a name, a date of birth, a chronological age, and an identity…. is this enough to tell you who I am ?. Probably not, but it is one way forward, and tomorrow obviously… will be different.Well, if I say my name is XY … does this answer the identity question?. Obviously not.
If I say I am a professional, and I do deal with this or that…, does this help you to know a little bit more about me?. 

This – no doubt – will depend on what you are looking for, and what are you expecting of me !. 

For me,  the more I try to learn, the more I discover that I have learnt nothing much, and I need to try and learn a little bit more. It is true that, for us – all of us – there is a lot to learn about…. but just realizing that, is not on its own enough, and this to me means that we need to start learning again.

Life is a fast running train… a train which moves only in one direction. This train is continuously in motion… it doesn’t wait, and it doesn’t stop. We need to be on the board of this train if we really want to move from here to there…. if we really need to move on.

In my view, it doesn’t matter where you ride on the this train ( first class, second class, standing, or even seating yourself on the roof, or clinging to the back of the train); what is important for me is “to be there”. Some of the passengers will reach their destination very comfortably, and some will have a rough ride, but at the end of the day…. every passenger on board of the life-train will move from A to B, and that is a sign of “living”.

Where to start, and what to start with?….. This is another difficult question (a challenge) even though it may sound very simple !.

Let us start with the fact that each one of us is just a human being, but is that enough to give any one an “identity” ?. Probably not !.

What does it mean to say I am just a human being?. To me it means quite a lot, but before I allow myself to indulge into that term…. the human being, I would probably tell you a bit more about myself.

When I was a little kid, I tended to ask myself every time when I see something different, or when I was asked to do something different: why?. Why I need to do it… why it looks like that…. why it has happened on the first instance?.
I think every one of us must ask own self: Why?. Ask “why” for everything you do, and encourage your little kids to ask “why”. At any moment when you ask yourself “why”; you will search for an answer, but…. just start thinking is in itself a starter. You ask yourself why, then you’ll find yourself committed to find an answer to that simple question. If you can answer that question easily, you will obviously go for it, but if you can’t find an answer; don’t feel shy, don’t blame yourself, and don’t skip the question…. you must look for an answer, where ever you find it.

Let me try again to answer the same “starter” question: who am I?.

I am just an ordinary human being.. like any one of you. I am fond of discussions, and I love view exchanges. I never feel offended to discuss any subject you raise as a reader or a commentator, simply because I do respect your mind, and your way of thinking. I do value and respect your point of view, and your different opinion to mine shall never annoy me, because I strongly believe that we need to know about other people’s thinking, and other people’s points of view, as this is a way for every one of us to learn new experience in this life. If you don’t look at your face in the mirror, you will never see your facial errors…. if you can’t see your errors, you will never realize them. If you can’t appreciate your faults, you would never sort them out….. This is what people like to call “insight”. Your insight is your ability to see where you are, what you do, and how others see you, and appreciate your contribution to this life…. our life.

In my view, life is a big school, and we are the “pupils” in this school. Time is our teacher, and the daily events are the subjects those we witness, we read, we analyse, and we ponder about. We learn, and may qualify from the school of life with no certificates, but we do learn many skills. You may go to ordinary school and get a qualifying certificate, which may satisfy others who may wish to employ you, but it can never tell about your practical skills in life.

I love talking to people….. I am open, frank, and realistic. I do like challenges, and I try not to shy away from a challenge. Life is a challenge, and practicing life (living) is in reality tackling that challenge. Tackling a challenge with a successful outcome means successful life, and that in itself is “achievement”. When your success is followed by another success you feel happy with yourself… satisfied; and that builds up your confidence, and strengthens your ability to do things.

Things in your life may fold in, or may fold out. If your life starts to fold in, and in, and in; you’ll find yourself in the center of “vicious” circle. You’ll start turning around yourself and you’ll fail to get out of it… you simply fail to “break-free”, and that obviously will increase the stresses around you, and you’ll get frustrated. Repeated frustrations with no light at the end of the tunnel means “depression”.

The other side of this equation is “folding out”. This simply means, you manage to break through…. you would achieve one success, and that leads to another success, and many successes would take you out of the center of the vicious circle, and that means for you…. security, satisfaction, and a strong believe in your abilities. That in turn strengthen your will, and that adds another dimension to your personality and another pillar to your confidence. Confidence is a strong will, and a strong will is your ability to do things and to master what you. Confidence is a sign of happiness and satisfaction, which is the opposite to depression where confidence is always lacking, self-esteem is suffering, and anxiety is accumulating.

Who am I ?

I am just an ordinary human being like you, but what made me relaxed, confident, and happy is my renewed believe that life is worth living. I do drive my own life, and never let anyone to drive it for me. I do listen, discuss, learn, and change my views in life; but at the end of the day I have to formulate my own views for my own life, and I may need to up-date them from time to time, but I got to run my life on my own thinking and believes.

I am practical, logic, and realistic. The basic rule in my life is the fact that 1+1=2. My logic in this life is that I am just a tiny creature; I can make mistakes because I am not perfect. I believe that perfection is not a human character. If we start to see ourselves “perfect”, we will open the anxiety window on ourselves, and we fail to shut it again….. that means, entering into the world of depression.

There is nothing wrong for any one of us to make a mistake, but the wrong thing is our failing to learn from our own mistakes. It is not wrong for any one of us to be poor, but the wrong thing is for us not to try and improve the qualities of our lives.
There is nothing wrong for someone to be illiterate, but the wrong thing for that one is “not to try and educate own self”.

My motto in this life is: I am not the best, but I always do my best.

I have never taught myself how to hate others. Therefor, I don’t hate any one. My logic says: when I don’t like you, I would just leave you alone. What is the point in attempting to harm people?.

I believe that we – all of us – are trying to do our best to get what we wanted. When we have done all what we should do, then if we can achieve nothing, or achieve very little, then be it. Why we blame our bad luck, or feel sorry about ourselves?.
I do sincerely believe that: what we must live with, we can live without apart from obviously the oxygen and the water!. Not strictly so, as we need food, and health; but here I am talking about the “immediate” needs until we manage to sort things out. We can live for a week without food, even longer… why should we need to panic when we find  in the fridge no thing to eat?!.

If you are not rich, then be it. Just spend the few quids in your pocket, and some other quids will come to replace them. If money doesn’t find its way for you,  you must get up and search for it…. this is quiet logic in my view !.

Believe you me, when you are in peace with yourselves, you’ll find everything around you so peaceful. When you smile, your surroundings will smile with you; but when you cry, you will cry alone.
So, please smile, and keep smiling; it won’t cost you a penny !.

Who am I ?

I am full of energy, and I am quite healthy; but this is not the issue in my view. I believe strongly in the fact that if you are tempted to steel little, you will steel a lot. If the whole is wrong, then the very part of it is wrong as well.

Those who accept higher price for an insult, and those who may sell themselves for a lot of money; they might do it for very little money. You can never “fractionate” an insult. There is no price for human dignity, and you can never buy happiness with money.


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