You are always welcome to this website. Please feel free  here to wonder, ponder, and open the horizon for your imaginations !.

We were born to think around us, to question everything that we hear, see, touch, or even imagine. Plato said: The unexamined life is not worth living.  

Here in this website, you will read about life and living. You will read about your body in action. Your mind in making, and your brain in order taking. You will read and touch to urge, the stimulus, and the encouragement for you.. yes, you to be that one who is the real philosopher. Everyone was born a philosopher, and everyone was born with an idea, a guess, a wonder, and a ponder. We only need to look deep inside us to search for our abilities to do that.

I hope that everyone visits this website will leave it with something. Something to tell others, something to do later, or an idea to change the way you value yourself, and to figure out your abilities.

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An attempt to understand around us via pondering inside us