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The main purpose of establishing this website is to try and improve the professional relationship between patients and doctors for better understanding and better management plans.
Since the introduction of “the administrators” to health services, a silent struggle between clinicians and these administrators has began. 
Clinicians obviously think about “quality” of management, while the administrators think about “quantity” i.e targets, figures, and waiting time. The gap between quality and quantity of health care is inversely proportional with wealth. More money means better services (quality), and more patients seen at the right time (quantity).  As in the U.K. and most of the developed countries the “wealth” factor is suffering dearly, the gap between quality and quantity is widening with quality of health care is the clear loser.
How clinicians practice in these circumstances is a big challenge, and obviously needs a lot of cooperation between doctors and patients. Good cooperation between clinicians and patients requires better communication skills for mutual understanding between the two main components of the health care.
It has to be interactive
It has to be interactive
From the doctors’ perspective, I think we need to change our attitudes, and our ways of thinking in relation to our clinical practices (primary or secondary care), in particular “the window” through which we see our patients. The old say “doctors know better” has expired… it is not valid anymore in the new era of internet revolution, and “knowledge for all” slogans. These days, doctors’ rule in patients’ management has been reduced to a mere of “consultation advice” exactly like solicitors’ rule. We must provide the “valid & qualified” advice to our patients with good explanation, then we must let our patients make the right and informed choice.
This obviously will require good listening, and more respect to our patients. We need to see our patients not as illnesses (diseases), but as full human beings. That attitude towards our patients makes a big and dramatic change in our ability to sort out their medical problems.I am a strong believer in “holistic approaches” to manage illnesses, and I do practice it that way whenever possible.
Holistic approaches can be difficult to achieve with the current financial fluctuations and instability as quantity dominates our practices because of administrators upper hand and control of medical services. Hospital consultants as well as general practitioners are employed and governed by administrators. This means in practical terms: clinicians are not free anymore to make changes, and they have no choice but to submit to their administrators. Administrators hardly seen in places of clinical practices (wards, theatres, clinics, or surgeries), and most of them – if not all – do manage medical affairs in the luxury of their offices. Hence, their contact with patients’ suffering is very limited. You only feel the real effect of burning when you put your hand in fire !. In my view, both under-graduate medical education and post-graduate training need to be changed dramatically and very quickly to cope with the advances in knowledge technology ( production & delivery). I suggest adding human psychology including counselling techniques to our under-graduate education, and our post-graduate training as a compulsory part of the medical curriculum. Also, we need to teach and learn the “art of communication” with patients in order for all of us to be able to depart from treating patients as diseases to treating them as human beings…. this will be perceived as a very big move forward, and it’ll be deeply appreciated by patients themselves.On the patients’ part, I think that they need to move on as well. They need to learn more about their bodies (structure and function), and in my view they need as well to believe in the possibility of non-organic cause of some of their medical problems as not every illness is organic, and not every illness can be proved or excluded by currently available investigations. This obviously will help doctors to be more open and honest with their patients without the fear of triggering an unnecessary argument and shouting !.

For all of us (clinicians and patients) we need – in my view – to look around, think, wonder, and to “ponder“. 

We all need to see ourselves through the world we are living in. We need to see the whole universe around us…. how it looks like, how it is organised, how it is functioning, and above all…. Who is behind it?. We need to think about our lives, our relations with each other, our relations with other creatures, and our relations with our environment. 

I guess it is...
I guess it is…

Every time when I open my eyes and look around; I see a lot of new things; they may look brand new to me, or I may see new things in them even though I know that I have seen them before….. I just see them different, because I think about them in a different 

Is this a form of madness, or a kind of hallucinations, or is it way, or probably I look at them through a different angle. probably…. just me?. I reckon it is “just” me, and I am proud of it !.

When I think I find
When I think I find

I think it has much to do with a kind of “thought refreshment”…. a kind of “looking beyond the horizon”, or it is probably an attempt to use some of the “thinking neurons” in my head…. those I am trying to ignite (prompt) every time when I open my eyes and look around me ( a neuron is the functioning unit of the brain).

It is in fact a lot to do with us humans, and with the Universe around us… we tend to think of ourselves as “gigantic”, but are we?. 
May be, but…. as most of us know that, every thing around us is proportional (relative), and we are related to our surroundings. The world around us is huge, and if we look at the whole universe; it is so huge…. it is so vast, and it is so overwhelming.

Those who contemplate the wonders of creation in the heavens and the earth, they say, "Our Lord! not for naught Hast Thou created those Galaxies.
Those who contemplate the wonders of creation in the heavens and the earth, they say, “Our Lord! not for naught Hast Thou created those Galaxies.

The world we are living in is so huge to the extent that turns us “relatively” into a tiny droplet in a big ocean… we are in reality even much smaller than that…. but, do we need to be-little ourselves  and think so minute?.

Let us think about us, and think about the world we are living in…. the more we do that, the more we discover that we don’t know much.

We need to think, to reflect, and obviously to ponder in order to understand a little more about us, and about our world for better and happier tomorrow for each one of us. Tomorrow is the future that we are responsible for its creation, maintenance, and continuation.

You are invited to think with me, to tell me what you are thinking about, to remind me of things I might forget, to correct me when you think that I am wrong, and to share your way of thinking with all of us.

This space is open for all of you, and it is going to be so friendly with a lot of respect, understanding, and appreciation of each one’s efforts and contribution. You are welcome to write in this website, and you are invited to tell us about your experience, dreams, interests, concerns, anxieties, or your worries…..

You grasp the wonders of life when you appreciate its beauty.
You grasp the wonders of life when you appreciate its beauty.

It is nice to share, and it is nice to help, because at the end of the day; we will need each other to put hand-in-hand for better future for all of us with no discrimination, no disrespect, and no prejudice, or resentment because of race, colour, believe, or gender. This planet was created for all of us, and we need to share it according to our ability and need, but not according to our power or influence.

Finally, this website is expected to be much larger than I thought about when I designed it. The amount of information will exceed my forecast, and obviously it’ll be “different”.
The type, character, and sincerity of the information in this website will be “revolutionary”, “brave”, “practical”, and “lively”. I am certain that it will attract many people who are interested in the “extra-ordinary”, and the “tickling” type of seeing things. It’ll take a long time before I manage to complete the contents of this website, and start updating information. 
I can only kindly ask my readers and browsers to remain patient, and to keep visiting because whenever I find some time I will write something new and different.
There will be something new every time any one of you browses again I hope. 

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  1. Thank you for time yesterday. You always give so much to all your patients and make us feel we are special which of course we all are. You are one of our special doctors who has given his working life to care and share.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you being you and more importantly that you are sharing your thoughts and views. You will live for ever.
    Best wishes

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