Silent snow fall at night may make you wonder around you and start pondering about life and living !.

Many countries in the world have witnessed a very bad snow fall, which was heavy and silent on the start but it became less friendly when winds started to blow all around.

Almost everyone enjoyed watching the snow when it was gently falling especially when it initially fell with a lot of kindness and it was so polite without disturbing people’s lives. Snow when it falls with those characters can be felt romantic, inspiring, calming, and mind stimulating. It does make you try to see behind the scenes, and if you are one of those who asks “why”, you could as well see some hidden dimensions of your life and start wondering and pondering.

Tranquillity doesn’t stay forever. There are Beasts around, and Emma was watching to grab her moment !.

Here in the UK, it was generally nice and pleasant on the first two days of snow, but once the Beast of the East sneaked in, life became different for many people especially those in the North and the North-West. The rest of us remained with our initial joy and enthusiasm, then Emma decided to get on line, and that was enough to upset almost everyone in this country, and I am sure in the world around us in Western Europe at least.

Struggling to cope with life in those circumstances does make you ask many questions. Why nice things never last for long if not forever, and why others(demons) just love to disturb peace and interrupt dreaming?!. Why don’t we human beings just have fun and beautiful life with no hiccups, no upsets, no sufferings, and no illnesses?. Questions we must ask and shall never feel shy or hesitating to ask the Lord about as He is the Creator, and He is in charge at least at the far end of events.

I did ask Him such questions hundreds of times, but He never dared to answer any of my questions!. He, instead, allowed me to use my mind and seriously think about happenings in our life as Human beings. Would it be(life) always peaceful, happy, warm, rich, generous, healthy, and relaxing?!. Is that the kind of living we all aspire to have and dream of?!.

Sun will shine, and Spring will yours and it’ll be mine!!.

I do believe that we were created to appreciate the good only when we taste the bad. We can only appreciate health when we get ill. We can only appreciate the taste of delicious food when we feel hungry. We only enjoy and cherish peace when we experience wars. We can only appreciate the good when we try the bad. I think life that way is worth living, but we need always to be optimistic, realistic, motivated, and dreamy. We need always to remember that tomorrow will be better than today, but if tomorrow is not better, then after tomorrow will be!!. We need always to see a glimpse of light at the end of every dark tunnel to enjoy life and stay relaxed.

Always remember that Spring will follow, and these days of snow are nothing but the “waning” last few pasps of Winter. It is hard for Winter to go with no nice farewell from us, but Spring will enter our houses without invitation… and with no need for Winter to give permission!.       

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An attempt to understand around us via pondering inside us