At last and after a long wait, we can now see spring clearly smiling at us and calling us to smile back !.

Blue eyes, beautiful white smiles between rosy lips, and with a nice dress underneath…. that is what Spring appears to me.

Spring is my favourite season with no bargaining & no  compromises. I do love everything in spring, as there is nothing like seeing the flowers bloom and the warming rays of the sun. I just see spring days a picture of blue sky on the top of us, beautiful roses and flowers around us, and an even green grass like a luxury carpet underneath our feet when we walk, jog, run, or play with a lot of happiness… a lot of joy.

I’ve read some nice thoughts about spring by Rundy May, and thought to share them with you: “The first greening of the grass is like the first sight, the heralding, of spring with that glimpse of brilliant green that soon grows to carpet the earth everywhere”.

Who dares not to like daffodils?!.

“With spring many flowers bloom. Memorable for me in this part of the country are the snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, forsythia, irises, juneberry, apples, and lilacs. Each is beautiful in its own right, each marks another splash of colour and life in the canvas of nature”… end of the lovely quotes !!.

Blue sky in Athens with a temperature of 28°C in the middle of March !!.

Four weeks ago I was in a medical conference in Greece, and at that time spring was parachuting all over the capital Athens. I remember on Saturday  17th. of March, the temperature in Athens was 28°C with a clear blue sky…. it did really feel warm when I went out for a walk in the city.

On the same day at the same time, it was snowing in Paris where later on the day I had my first stop returning back to Birmingham. It was snow with a temperature of – 2°C in Birmingham airport when I arrived later.

That made me think and ponder…. why, and for what purpose?!.

Why we need to go through all these seasons, why the cold and freezing in winter, why that act of stripping the trees their cloths off, why that hot and dry air in the summer?. Why we don’t just have a spring all the year through and all over in our life?. Questions worth asking, and it is worth pondering about them.

Life can be difficult, but please try to see it easy.

Life was created for us to be colourful for us to enjoy its mix of colours. Life was created to us variable, for us to learn how to accommodate. life was created for us to be challenging, for us to learn how survive. Life is beautiful, and living through it is a task we all must attempt and pass the test to be strong and to feel happy.

Niceness is irresistible, and challenges are achievable.

Finally, I wrote this poem last year’s spring. It was written in Arabic, but language can never be a barrier between people. It was then written in English, and it can be written in any language. If there is a will, there will be a power. If there is love inside us, we will be able to live together in a very nice way, and with a lot of respect. Let us share the spring niceness between us and live in harmony with each other as humans.

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