Winter is here. You may love it, but quite frankly, I don’t like it. In my life, I don’t hate, otherwise I would say “I hate it” !!.

In our life there are things those we love, those we like, those we accept, and things those we hate… we just hate, and that is all.

I think almost everyone loves spring, but some like summer and others like autumn, but probably only the very few might like winter. Winter is a hated season, but it is still coming every year and takes its time before he decides to go. He just doesn’t bother to make many creatures upset, others angry, some would get ill, and some just feel sad and depressed.

Winter… I go to my work in the dark and I return in the dark… anything left for me to enjoy?!!.
Can we make a compromise with winter?. We will accept winter to stay with us on one condition: that he promises to go when the time is right.
Things we like in winter. Those nice wintry things might persuade us to love winter !!.

It is winter take it or leave it. If you don’t like winter just look forward. You can always watch  spring in its dormancy behind the scenes while it tries different dresses, puts on some perfumes, and rehearses smiling trying to be ready when it is his turn. Spring will follow winter for sure, and spring does dress trees and make them feel cosy, comfortable and happy. For trees to dress up and feel pampered again, they have to pay the price. Autumn undresses and leaves them naked, and winter takes advantage of that. Winter makes trees shiver, feel miserable and hate their lives, but they always dread to live and keep perseverant in order for them to be able to observe their favourite visitor who always comes after the departure of winter… to remain awake and hopeful to be the first to see the twilights of spring when it decides to launch its attack on winter to kick it out of people’s sights and minds.

On the other hand, if we think a bit deeper and more into our lives.. we may in reality be able to develop some kind of “love” to winter. Winter can be lovable and can give us some sort of nostalgic  feeling of comfort and may even joy.

For those of you who have already entered the new world you may not feel any sympathy for winter, but those who lived longer could remember those days when you wait for evening to sit in your living room with your kids to watch TV in front of the cosy wood or gas fire. That kind of atmosphere might give you some relaxation, tranquillity, and comfort and makes you dream about tomorrow!!. You may cling to winter and ask him politely to stay a bit longer !!.

Winter freezing always reminds us about those who were displaced because of conflicts and wars.

Let us move one step further with winter… let us think about those who really never enjoy winter. Let us think about those who have been displaced from their houses, their lands, and their communities, such as those in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, and other war zones. Let us think about those children who have no houses to shelter them… no blankets…. no food… no medicine… no doctors to look after them. Let us think about those who were orphaned by wars, natural disasters, or those who lost their parents through illness. Let us think about those who were forced to live in the open with no roof to protect them, no food to warm them, and no havens those they can run for refuge.

The good side of winter is its effect on our souls. It does remind us about the poor and the needy.

  What about those poor people, the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled and the lonely?. Is it not the freezing weather in winter that would always remind us about them and their suffering during and all the way through this season?.

Let us try to see winter as a reminder for all of us to look around us. Let us see winter as a stimulant to the “humanity” deep inside us…. let us see winter as a reminder for us to waken up our conscientious, and our nice deep feelings.

Life is a struggle, but a nice one which will lead to a better living…

Life is a struggle and it is a real fight for living. Life has been made to be unlimited and renewable challenges for us. Every time we are faced with any challenges we just fight to win against them and that fight will also give us means and powers stronger than those we already owe. Those new powers enable us to be ready for any future challenges, but with a different magnitude and different nature.

We are created to survive, and in order for all of us to do that, we need to learn how to survive. We need to learn how to be able to struggle, and we only keep struggling to keep going. We need to learn how to be eager to win…. to survive whatever the weather !.

Life was created for us to be a test for our ability to exist and continue despite of all challenges, both those we know and those we don’t  know nothing about.

Life is full of colours. Let us see it that way, and enjoy every bit of it.

Life was created colourful for us to live it that way and to entertain our eyes with the beauty of its colours. We need to see life so colourful and mosaic… like a beautiful rainbow. We need to see life in colour to enjoy its tastes and its flavours. Only the sad people see life as nothing but “black & white”. Those with no much hope left in their minds or thinking see no much colour in their lives. Those are the kind of people who will become depressed and lose hope, and those who would rather die than keep going. That is the opposite to optimism, and it is linguistically known as  pessimism, but in reality, it means much more than that.

Look at that little ant. It does struggle a lot, but at the end of the day, the little creature tends to win the struggle despite of her being weak and feeble..

God created for us hunger and fullness, thirst and drinking, poverty and richness… for us to learn that everything in our life is relative, but nothing is absolute. We see the poor in our streets to appreciate money. We feel the hot weather to appreciate fresh air and to entertain the refreshing breeze. He created dryness and dehydration for us to appreciate the importance of water and to celebrate rain when it falls.

It may be winter, and it may feel cold and wet. The day are short, the nights are long… but we can see a rainbow in the middle of winter. Let us dream and look forward.

Everything in our life was created for a purpose, and it was created following a serious calculation and long pondering. Shall we thank the Creator for everything He created for us?. Shall we appreciate whatever we’ve gotten as otherwise, we might get what is worse.

God created for us the sweet and the bitter to entertain the sweetness and reject the bitterness, knowing that our life is not always sweet. We have no choice, but to ,,happily,, carry on. Tomorrow will be better than today. If not tomorrow, then the day after and if not that, then the following day. We need to be optimistic.

If you like to live happily and to always feel happy, please look at those who are worse than you, but not at those who are much better than you. If you look high and keep looking high, you may trip and fall. If you look at your level or lower, you will see your path clearer and find it safer.

God created health and He created illness, for us to entertain the first, and to be prepared for the second.

After every stress comes relief, and after every winter comes spring.

Some people prefer to wait to see what the unknown brings to them, and other people would rather chose to initiate, to start, and to be proactive. If you have got a lot of motivation in your characters, you would always see things different. You would never stay idle and wait for the unknown to happen then you just find yourself struggling to deal with it. If you own that eagerness to initiate, to pro act, to put your personality prints on your future events, then life will be more enjoyable, and much more predictive to you… you will be so much in control of your life events with your own motivation.

Be positive, be proactive , and above all, be assertive… you will then very easily be able to control your own life rather than letting others to control it for you. Watch yourself and always try to get better.

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